To the Readers:

Hi there!

I made this blog as it is required by our ENGLCOM subject. I hope you read some of my literary works and learn something. You’re free to express your thoughts through comments and you’re free to share my blog with your friends! 🙂

Although this blog is only for academic purposes, I do have intentions to continue writing after it is submitted.




The Blog

Are you ready to flow with the rhythm of melodic literary?

Rhythmic words makes you taste a classic melody between reading and writing. It makes you see the world through a sharp vision– A vision that is not coincided to the eye… but a vision that is intersected with the mind.

A vision that shifts paradigm.


  1. —Collect, store and manage written outputs electronically
  2. Develop a sense of authorship
  3. —Showcase mastery of various genres and of writing process
  4. —Evaluate and reflect on writing performance holistically.
  5. —Monitor progress
  6. —Improve understanding of oneself
  7. —Recognize the gaps in one’s current knowledge and skills

The Author

Cedric Severino is currently a BSA student from De La Salle University. This blog is just a piece of his academic works as he face his path to become a LaSallian CPA.


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