A Conic World

           Everyday, I walk a kilometer to go to my university. By observing the vignette of the grimy alleys, boisterous community, and the lonely river I always see, a certain idea comes into my mind, making my eyes widen their limited panoramic view of life. Images of contradicting smiles of the children, which remind me of the Great Sphinx and that of a mother, giving birth to her first born child, bug my mind and bash me with series of questions I can’t seem to ponder. “Why are their teeth and eyes paradoxical?” 

            It seems quite inconclusive to say that they are happy, at the same time, sad about life. Beside them are the tallest skyscrapers and the most luxurious condominiums owned and lived by the nation’s richest businessmen, politicians, and elites.

            It is relieving to know that our modern world is not under the caste system anymore. But then again, the system is still with us, intoxicating our consciousness with no other than precious green paper that we produce for greed and power. There will always be the rich and the poor–the former, succeeding and sitting on their cushioned chairs and the latter, suffering and facing the consequences of the sins our early ancestors had made.

            Our world is not a sphere, but a cone. There is always the topmost, the middle and the lowest. It does not circulate like a wheel, but it does rotate like a cone. The lowest will always carry the burden of those above it.

Conic world- Google search. Retrieved from http://www.progonos.com/furuti/MapProj/Normal/ProjCon/ProjConNP/Img/mp_Albers-s75-a90-b-18.41666-z-10.png

 An Entry Essay


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