A Legal Purge

            Roughly, in every two and a half seconds, an innocent life is deprived of seeing the context of the relenting world ever since the legalization and practice of abortion. As this mass illicit murder continues, people may develop a mental disposition beyond the limitations of their morality and conscience. Abortion should not be held as legal and should not be done by anyone because it is immoral, it is unsafe, and moreover, it promotes a huge sense of irresponsibility

            Mother Theresa once said, “If abortion isn’t wrong, then nothing is wrong.” Abortion is considered killing as we take away the life of the fetus, which is already a living being, thus it is an immoral practice. The fetus does not want to be killed; it seeks to escape. (Kreept, n.d.). Abortion is considered one of the harshest ways to kill because it is against the innocent will of the fetus to die ironically from a medical operation without ever being into the atmosphere of the God-given world. It is amazing how people can harm another person’s will; whereas in fact, when we were born, our parents raised us very carefully. Abortion is just a living hypocrisy and a product of human selfishness. No one has the right to convict a selfish judgment as it is against our morality and as judgments can only be done by the Omnipotent.

            Abortion does not just harm one; it harms two. There are no exact statistics for the number of women who die from abortion, but it does make the choices of having breast cancer higher by 50%. (“10 reasons why abortion is evil and not a ‘pro-choice’”, n.d.). To practice such a cruel act is to harm not just one, but two lives. Nobody should make careless decisions because in abortion, people are dealing with a life and death situation. Abortion might not kill the mother with the operation, but it might kill her with its side effects.

            In abortion, people are promoting a sense of irresponsibility, as it is like the eradicator our previously made wrong choices. In the Philippines, sexual activity among young people is becoming more and more prevalent as the statistics increased by an alarming 25%. (“Unintended pregnancy and unsafe abortion in the philippines: Context and consequences”, 2013.). If abortion is legalized, how much more will this statistics gross? The youth is becoming more and more irresponsible because they know ways to dispose of their actions; and in this case, surreptitious abortion. Abortion is clearly envenoming our minds with hypocrisy and narcissism. These are just some side effects of abortion. Irresponsibility among us will soon be “normal” if we do not stop this issue.

            Reading this essay, more than 10 innocent lives are spared. If society acts on the eradication of this issue, more innocent lives will be saved. The legalization and practice of abortion must be prevented; moreover, people should start by preventing unwanted and irresponsible pregnancy at all costs even if it means crossing all borders of the world to promote family planning. Abortion rips more and more lives as every second passes. We cannot let it damage our known morality, forge a sharp sword of two blades, and drown our bloods with the venom of its perilous effects.

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An argumentative essay


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