Breaking the Indestructible Wall

          “To lessen poverty, one must have a strong and dedicated regime.”

          Most people always blame the government for some of its members and officials practice graft and corruption. Some people even generalize that the government, as a whole system, is corrupt. Being reminded of this whole incident, a question always catch my mind: “What did the government do that have led to the distrust of its people?”

          In the busy street outside our university, two kinds of people are easily identified–namely, the rich, who complains about the traffic jam with their shiny cars, and the poor, who basically has nothing. Both are separated by an indestructible wall. The latter lives beside the former’s skyscrapers and tall condominiums, never complaining about the adversities they fail to see in life.

          People cannot let a wall stand tall among these two people. The problem with the government is that they actually live on top of the wall, observing, but never acting to destroy the forsaken wall. They always been the observer of the poor’s never-ending sad smiles. They are building walls instead of bridges. 

          With the cooperation of everyone, people can easily lessen the severe effects of poverty. The government has done nothing to retain the people’s trust. However, the government is not the sole mover of the desired change. People must move along the curve with the government to ascend the poor and build a graphic equality. Moreover, they must not blame anyone and rather, just discipline themselves. With this, the walls can easily be broken and be turned into bridges.



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