Church vs. Government

Source: Fonbuena, C.  (2013). Pinoys trust the Church more than gov’t. Rappler. Retrieved from


          This article is about the trust rating of the people to the church, government, media, office of the president, etc. It also showed the It also showed the statistics among the respondents (general public and informed public) about how important they see the Church-state separation. According to statistics, the people trust the church more than the government.


          The article was posted in Rappler, a famous social news network in the Philippines. It is based on the Philippine Trust Index and the survey EON stakeholder Relations and Ateneo Graduate School of Business conducted.

          The technique that attracted my attention is the statistics regarding the topic. While searching for the right source for my MLE, I became curious about what my fellow countrymen feel about the church and the government. The statistics somehow showed the perception and emotion of Filipinos regarding the issue.

          I feel somehow happy about this issue. In the article, it said that people’s trust for the government officials dramatically improved. This portrayed that the people could feel the action that the government does in order for this country to improve or to have change.

          Other people might understand the topic as simply a report of the trust ratings of Filipinos among different issues. What I saw different in this topic was the emotion of Filipinos behind all of the said issues. I saw that they have a strong faith, because the church led the trust ratings; that they do not believe in the government for what they are doing, because the trust rating was very low; and, that some of them are apathetic about the separation of the Church and state, because less than half believed that the issue is important.

          The points of view that is represented in the article is how these statistics are instructive in the way that they guide us on thinking and building trust and reputation as oneself and how people’s trust is an important factor for institutions to pay attention to.

          The Church vs. Government issue will be as it is in the long run, because many Filipinos are apathetic and are not aware about the said issue. In order for the issue to be solved, we must first disclose this to all Filipinos and gather all their insights and thoughts to make the solution unbiased. This message is being sent because these statistics are informative in a way that they provoke us to do an action. We should be aware about what our fellowmen feel about the Government vs. Church issue because we are a country, as a whole. It doesn’t matter what your religion is. We are a very diverse country in terms of religion. What matters is that we must be aware about the country’s issues and problems.

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