Reflection Essay

          It has been months since the start of my collegiate days. Coming from the province and being away from my comfort zone, I thought it will be harder for me to adapt to the challenges that we will be facing. But then, I was wrong.

          When I saw ENGLCOM in my Enrollment Assessment Form, I immediately thought about English Writing. I thought they would teach us the english grammar rules like they teach in high school, but then again, I was wrong. We we were thought how to write–how to really write, i.e., justifying with right evidences, citing correct sources, writing with parallel tone and emotion, etc. But then again, I am not studying in an ordinary university. I am studying in De La Salle University.

          Like most students, I had problems with correct grammar and proper organization.  These were clarified after the peer evaluation of essays, as my block mates gave suggestions and criticisms. Some are then screened by our professor as she checked our draft. I felt like I was really learning because my mistakes were corrected. My problems with the essay’s content lie on myself. I must learn how to connect my thoughts more and convert them into words and sentences. 

          My score in my entry essay was higher than my exit essay. It was maybe because I was not in the mood when I wrote my exit essay or I had recently read a good novel before I wrote my entry essay. Our mood affects what we write because it is somehow, the soul of writing. But then again, I think I improved a lot in writing because I learned how to condense my thoughts to words properly and organically.

          What I learned in ENGLCOM is not just about academic writing and reading. It is not only about writing organically and systematically and citing sources in correct APA Citation Format. I learned how to think quickly as our professor gives us only the whole period to sum up our ideas and write them on the yellow paper. It is beyond the scope of the syllabus and the course’s objective. My mind expanded through several articles our professor had given us.  Moreover, it expanded through several interactions with my colleagues whenever there was a group activity. 

           My classmates and professors did not only help me adapt to the changes I had encountered back then. At that time frame, they also helped me to become a better individual. 


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